Endoscopic versus open TMJ surgery the Dutch way

The UMCG University of Groningen offered perfect workshop conditions. 

Doctors treating patients suffering from chronic TMJ pain have a wide scope of different options: Besides conservative treatment puncturing the joint and doing arthrocentesis and lavage techniques can already lead to an improving situation. Endoscopic surgeries are coming up strongly and last not least open TMJ surgery can be the key to success.

Because of all those alternatives it is often hard to find consensus on the way to go. Usually participants can learn, discuss and most of all perform all these techniques at the Vienna TMJ course traditionally being held in October every year. This year however, the course moved to the University Hospital of Groningen for a single and unique occasion:

The social event has been celebrated in the Aa-Kerk 
The city of Groningen offers a beautiful life style. 

The meeting of the European Society of TMJ surgerons with a special reason to celebrate: The professional retirement of Professor Lambert de Bont, being a pioneering surgeon on TMJ surgery and Chairman of the oral maxillofacial surgery unit in Groningen for many years. So the "who is who" of TMJ surgery took the journey to Northern Holland and it was only logical to link the S.O.R.G. TMJ course to the European TMJ conference. 65 participants coming from all parts of the world could take advantage of unique world-class faculty and Groningen University could provide the impressing number of no less than 21 workshop stations.