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Trauma Surgery of the Fractured Condyle of the Mandible - Current Concepts and Innovations

International Faculty 

Should a fractured temporomandibular joint should be operated at all? If so, which is the best and safest access in order to get to the joint and what kind of osteosynthesis equipment is appropriate to guarantee a safe and uneventful healing for the patient? Many questions and a lot of controversy come up, whenever TMJ trauma surgery is involved. Often technical infrastructure as well as deficits on knowledge about the different ways to find access to the TMJ limit the surgeon’s scope of different treatment modalities.

The University of Dresden has however a long tradition towards open TMJ surgery and has already offered its cooperation in various S.O.R.G. courses in the past. Dresden’s new Chairman Günter Lauer now stepped in line with the experience of his University and offered a further international course on this specialty. For the first time ever, he did this in conjunction with Gerhard Undt’s endoscopic versus open surgery course in Vienna, linking the 2 cities to a complete symposium of TMJ surgery.


What’s more, Günter Lauer managed to group a top class faculty of international TMJ trauma care specialists, among them brilliant names like Edward Ellis (San Antonio, USA), Richard Loukota (Leeds,GB), Cristophe Meyer (Besancon, F), Michael Rasse (Innsbruck, AU) and Gerhard Undt (Vienna, AU). This international faculty was supported by a strong Dresden team with Dominik Haim, Henry Leonhardt, Winnie Pradel and Matthias Schneider lecturing and also operating in order to make all cadaver exercises run very smoothly.

Transmittance of the approaches to the audience 

The faculty explained all major 5 accesses in detail, followed by an interactive discussion in small groups explaining every single step of the surgery and possible alternatives in surgery. It is not astonishing though that the 42 participants who found their way to Dresden, expressed their gratitude for the course and returned home with a lot more self-confidence in open TMJ surgery.