S.O.R.G. Workshop on Reconstructive Surgery of the Face

As an additional contribution to the 4th PanAfCOMS 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya,  S.O.R.G. organized a workshop on "Reconstrucitve Surgery of the Face", March 12th, 2014.

Under the chairmanship of Jürgen Hoffmann from Heidelberg (Germany) and Adeline Vilembwa from Nairobi (Kenya) the workshop could attract many interested surgeons mainly from Kenya, Nigeria, Ethipia, Egyptand and Botswana. 

The course covered the mandibular reconstruction, oral soft tissue and facial reconstruction followed by a case study and a hands-on part which was commeted by the faculty.

Lectures on Reconstructive Surgery of the Face 
Meet the experts - Jürgen Hoffmann assisting participants 
Hands-on Workshop