S.O.R.G. Masterclass in Reconstructive Surgery of the Face

As an additional contribution to the ICOMS 2013 OMF World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, S.O.R.G. ran a corporate forum titled “Masterclass in Reconstructive Surgery of the Face” on Wednesday, Oct 23rd, 2013.

In spite of many different parallel ongoing ICOMS sessions at the same time, Course Chairman Jürgen Hoffmann and Co-Chairman Julio Acero welcomed a fully occupied lecture hall featuring the lectures of the outstanding faculty of Rui Fernandes (oral soft tissue), James Brown (maxillary), Henning Schliephake (facial soft tissue), Eduardo Rodríguez (facial transplant) and Jürgen Hoffmann himself (mandible). It could certainly be considered one of the congress highlights as also confirmed by the incoming evaluation questionnaires of the attendees.

Jürgen Hoffmann, James S. Brown and Rui Fernandes 
Jürgen Hoffmann, Henning Schliephake and Eduardo D. Rodríguez