Bone Graft Course, Groningen 2013

The 2013 Bone Graft Course organized by the S.O.R.G. Academy in cooperation with the Wenckebach Institute was a very interesting fresh frozen cadaver course treating the topic “Preprosthetic / Preimplant Surgery”. Thanks to Ruud Bos (NL) and Jeroen Fennis (NL), the S.O.R.G. Faculty Members and the team from the anatomy department of the UMCG Groningen (NL), it became an event that all participants certainly never forget. It is amazing how people from so many different countries (Poland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway etc.) can grow together as a group in only three days (March 13th - 15th, 2013).

Hands-On lectures 
Wenckebach Institue 
Six experienced tutors assist the participants 

The lectures and demonstrations were done by the S.O.R.G. faculty members Jeroen Fennis, Stefan Lundgren, Ruud Bos, Johannes Hidding and Gerrry Raghoebar. The participants learned all about the surgical techniques of bone grafting in a friendly atmosphere. On the first day, all theoretical parts were handled such as “Donor sites: anatomy, harvesting and scientific background” and “Recipient sites: Indications, treatment techniques and scientific backgrounds”. This was followed by the practical part on the second and third day where the participants learned about “Graft procurement” and “Bone Grafting” as well as reviewed some case presentations. Ruud Bos organized a very nice social Event thus facilitating for the participants to meet with the experts in a more relaxed environment. All in all, it was an interesting and successful course for everyone that will be repeated in the year 2015.