Enthusiastic feedback on S.O.R.G. orthognathic course with Dr. Arnett, 2013

A respectable group of 218 oral and maxillofacial surgeons as well as orthodontists from 20 different nations came to see and to listen to one of the most demanded speakers in the field of orthognathic surgery worldwide, Dr. William G. Arnett from Santa Barbara, CA, USA and his partner orthodontist Dr. David L. Way from Fort Collins, CO, USA in a 3-day S.O.R.G. course on “Planning and Treating Skeletal Malocclusions” in Haarlem/Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from April 15th -17th, 2013.

The event was organized by the S.O.R.G. orthognathic section members Eddy Becking and Sandy van Teeseling providing interesting points of view and interactive discussions on the interdisciplinary approach to the patients with facial deformities and their related ways of therapy.

William G. Arnett holding his lecture 
William G. Arnett, Eddy Becking, Sandy van Teeseling, David L. Way