Peter Kessler becomes the new Chairman in the Craniofacial Section

Peter Kessler (left) giving credits to his predecessor Eric Arnaud (right) 

Plastic surgeon Eric Arnaud (F-Paris) was a member of the S.O.R.G. Board for many years. He was founder of the S.O.R.G. distraction section back in 2004 and chaired the section since then.

Being a pioneer in craniofacial distraction himself, he also was the Organizer and Chairman of the various Paris distraction congresses. But already in 2006, Eric Arnaud recognized that distraction osteogenesis has developed out of its initial, pioneering status and has become a well-established treatment alternative to all further treatment options. So it was only consequent to dissolve the S.O.R.G. distraction section and to integrate the different treatment modalities into the neighboring sections, mainly the orthognathic, the preprosthetic and the reconstruction section. This gave space to the foundation of the S.O.R.G. craniofacial section.

After having chaired this craniofacial section for approximately 6 years, Eric Arnaud stepped down from his function. "I feel it is time for the section to receive a new impulse at this moment" the dynamic Frenchman declared. Peter Kessler (NL-Maastricht) spontaneously took over and will lead the section from now to 2014. Besides their interest in craniofacial surgery Peter Kessler shares a strong interest in aesthetic surgery.