S.O.R.G. Masterclass in TMJ Surgery, Buenos Aires, 2014

On June 6th - 7th the S.O.R.G. Latin American Group organized a course with the title "Masterclass in State-of-the-Art TMJ Surgery". Under the course chairmanship of Maximiliano Diamante and in cooperation with the local partner Orlosh more than 170 participants from Latin America attended the course.

Following the S.O.R.G. tradition to act as an international forum, the group invited two international S.O.R.G. speakers Günter Lauer (Germany) and Florencio Monje (Spain) and a national speaker Claudia Cejas (Argentina). In combination with the Latin American faculty under Luis Quevedo, Maximiliano Diamante, Octavio Cintra, Omar Vega and Henrique Velez the group set up an outstanding program.

The course covered one and a half days including various TMJ topics from minimally invasive surgery of the TMJ to pediatric TMJ trauma.  

Again this event provided a platform for interesting discussion and strengthen the commitment of the Latin American Group to continue with further postgraduate educational activities.

Invited speaker Florencio Monje from Spain 
The international faculty is exciting about the World Cup 
Maximiliano Diamante with participants 

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