S.O.R.G. Latin America takes off

It has been a strong desire for various years, now finally set into reality:

The foundation of an own S.O.R.G. regional Latin American section which has been celebrated during November 2011 in Santiago de Chile.

Being surprised by the number as well as the quality of the applications, it was not easy to select a balanced section with regard to participating nations as well as to integrate a wide scope of surgical specialties into the section.


In the end the following six members will represent the first Latin American S.O.R.G Group:

Maximiliano Diamante, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Henrique J. Velez Gimón, Caracas, Venezuela

José Octavio Cintra, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Omar A. Vega Lagos, Bogotá, Colombia

Luis Quevedo Rojas, Santiago, Chile


Together with S.O.R.G. Board members

Rudolf M. Bos, Groningen, The Netherlands

Oliver Scheunemann, KLS Martin Group

Karl Leibinger, KLS Martin Group

Christian Leibinger, KLS Martin Group

Henning Schliephake, Göttingen, Germany


Luis Quevedo was elected to become the first Chairman of the group.

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