5th S.O.R.G Course Latin America – Satellite Symposium „State-of-the- Art in Distraction Osteogenesis”

On April 19th, 2015 the S.O.R.G Latin America Group started their scientific year with a Satellite Symposium during the International Congress of ALACIBU in Lima.

The 5th course with a well-known faculty and the continuing high standards of the S.O.R.G. courses once again attracted more than 100 participants from all over Latin America.

Group Chairman Luis Quevedo from Chile and Omar Vega from Colombia as well recognized expert on distraction created once again a high-quality half-day symposium with the support of the current President of the IAOMS Piet Haers from London who is European S.O.R.G. member for many years already.

With very interesting and versatile discussions at the end of the course in conjunction with the S.O.R.G. members Maximiliano Diamante and Henrique Velez, an extraordinary event has been concluded.

Ongoing success of the S.O.R.G educational activities will help us to interact closer with the regional surgeons and requirements. With specialized and realistic workshops oriented on the daily routine, the S.O.R.G. Group Latin America will keep on increasing more and more its presence to fulfil the different postgraduate educational needs.